Friday, May 13, 2011

Please keep commenting everyone!

How can we keep the conversation going if you abandon this blog? I have learned about myself and it has become more amorphous than I thought it would be. I was discussing with my son's father how when we were young produced the two publications I mentioned. He has copies of "Hands," the poetry magazine, but not "Braille Feminist Review" and I realize that I have always wanted to share some of what we had written. He said he had some old copies. So, conversation is important. I find that I do care what people think, and don't want to be mean, but certain divisions keep us mistrusting and devisive and not insightful, and access to power of some is not good for others, instead of sharing. This toolbar is not showing up as it used to, so it is hard to edit what I am writing now. David said in an e-mail that I was beautiful, and was sounding pretty spiritual about being a bubble on this earth. So, keep commenting, and disagreeing as different is just fluff, as we all can love, care, have dreams and be who we can if we are allowed. I have to figure out how to see the whole message. Well, it's time for bed. I try to help others when I can. Koraling Lynne I could not write yesterday, because "blogger" was being updated.

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