Thursday, May 5, 2011


I tried to post this on but Dave Armstonr, to whom that blogger account belongs, has a word verification which is not accessible. I was commenting on a post I saw on a very cursory level. It mentioned the Netherlands. I love the Netherlands. Boy would i love to go back there and have the foods, sights, people, experiences. I went to a dog guide school where they only use female mixed breeds as guides, and people are there for two weeks. It was a haunting experience to be at the Anne Frank house, where I had to turn feet sideways to get down those stairs. I wrote the tram with my boyfriend, and you had to practically catch and hang on to the metal rings or whatever they were called. But, that was when I saw accessible money for the first time and the gilder notes were all marked at that time in 1973, and we stayed in a youth hostel, and not just that, listened to Radio Free Radio and Voice of America with a "Norelco" but there it was Phillips radio we bought, and it was during the Watergate hearings with President Nixon. I loved the people, and we had a backpack which impeded our hearing when we were walking with our canes, but we had not counted on that. I kept an expense sheet as that was the first time I had been abroad by myself. We went to France and England on that trip also. I had a real sense of destruction and emptiness because of the war, (World War II) and it was so interesting to hear Europeans' views of Americans during the hearings we were listening to on the radio. We traveled with traveler's checks. I wish I traveled more, but we had a son a year later, and my life changed. I will never forget that trip. It's nothing like armchair adventures. Koraling Lynne

May 5, 2011 3:11 PM

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