Sunday, May 29, 2011


I just met Mimi and Sam, who live in Pennsylvania and were taking me to the restroom and back and both teachers or husband worked with special education in the state of Pennsylvania. They were driving with another couple in an RV to Anchorage and have been to Alaska 7 years ago. They are getting tired of the RV. I shared my blog, but for the first time had not brought my business cards. It occurred to me in the bathroom thta I may be one of the only or the first blind Jewish women in Alaska, and not only that only a few of us are conginitally blind. When I first moved here, Pat meek said there were only 10 people with retinopathy of prematurity who live here. Hmm. Not sure how many there are now with congenital blindness. Many are blinded later through disease, accident or other condition. Some are blinded thorugh retinal blastoma, and some through drugs or even alcoholism. I had never thought about the issues of being Jewish, blind and very few of us with retinopathy of prematurity etc. I should write an article for the Anchorage Daily News about that. I'm not the only Jewish disabled woman who lived here, but a totally blind Jewish woman with prematurity and a twin I think I am an anomaly. Koraling Lynne